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YMMV: St. Elsewhere

  • Epileptic Trees: The All Just a Dream final scene created an interesting conundrum since St. Elsewhere had cameos and crossovers with a good dozen other shows, are all those shows products of an autistic boy's imagination, too? And all the shows they crossed over with? And all the...
  • Executive Meddling: A rare example with positive results. NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff was a huge fan of the show. His favorite character was Dr. Morrison, and he would frequently return scripts to the writers with "More Boomer!" written across them. This led to some of the most emotionally powerful moments on the show, as explained under Butt Monkey.
  • It Was His Sled: The "Whole show happened in an Autistic kids mind" twist.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: While the rapist is terrorizing the hospital, Dr. Fiscus offers to escort some of the female nurses to their cars, and is turned down because the women don't know if he's the rapist or not. He tells Dr. Morrison offhand that he feels bad because they don't know what the women are going through. Until a couple seasons later, when Morrison is himself raped.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The St. Elsewhere Rapist story arc in general, but specifically his mask.
    • Shirley Daniels' return to the ER in "Murder, She Rote". When a patient gets on her nerves, she pulls out a gun and starts calling him Peter. She also unleashes pent-up resentment towards Dr. Morrison for supporting his friend. She fires the gun...which turns out to be a "Bang!" Flag Gun.
    • If you own a cat, we highly suggest you refrain from watching the end credits to "The Last One". Otherwise, you'll be treated to not only the All Just a Dream ending, but the MTM Enterprises cat mascot's DEATH.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: The All Just a Dream ending was originally considered quite clever for its day, and was parodied and homaged a lot throughout the years. Nowadays it would be considered a cop-out.
  • Tear Jerker: "Cora and Arnie".
    • The Birdman of St. Elsewhere was the designated comic relief for the first few episodes. Then the Birdman decides he's fed up with being in the mental ward and wants to fly away from the hospital, so he jumps off the roof. It's not every day we see Plucky Comic Relief commit suicide.
    • When Nina Morrision died suddenly, her heart was donated to Dr. Craig's transplant patient. The last scene of that episode showed Jack Morrison in the ICU, using his stethoscope to listen to his dead wife's heart beating in the transplant patient's chest. Here's the episode.
    • Fiscus, Wade and Daniels receive Wendy Armstrong as an unresponsive overdose victim in the ER. Fiscus cries when they realize she's gone.
    • Maddie (Lycia Naff), a 14-year-old drug addict, gives birth to a stillborn baby.
    • "Thank you, thank you, Sam-I-Am!"
    • In "Time Heals (Part 1)", when Dr. Westphall personally disconnects his brain-dead wife from life support: "Breathe, Sweetheart."
    • Dr. Westphall reluctantly putting his autistic son Tommy in a care home in "The Children's Hour", despite daughter Lizzie's firm opposition.
    • The original version of the Grand Finale's credits involving Mimsie the Cute Kitten. Because, you know, the preceding epic Mind Screw just wasn't enough.

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