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YMMV: Spider-Woman
  • Foe Yay:
    • Archenemy Morgan le Fay consistently attempts to possess Jessica's body. She claims said body is a battery of Elder God Chthon's magical energies. Morgan also later goes after Scarlet Witch for the same reason. No particular interest yet in Quicksilver who is also infected with said magics but is male. Though these days, Morgan seems to have a thing for Doctor Doom.
    • The relationship between Jessica and Gypsy Moth, a lady villain, is also a bit peculiar. In Spider-Woman vol. 1 #10, 48, 50, Jessica always tries to befriend the mutant because of their perceived similarities. On the other hand, the Moth's main power is to psychokinetically manipulate fibers. Her favorite moves are either stripping opponents of their clothing or binding them in it. Guess how this looks in battles against Jessica. Worth noting that Gypsy Moth is confirmed as being bisexual by Word of God. That would seem to say a lot about the Foe Yay between her and Spider-Woman.
      • There was also Nekra Sinclair, who wanted to kill Jessica because she stirred up funny feelings...
  • Les Yay: Jessica herself has a lot of this with her partner Lindsay. However, she later saved Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel after being drained by Rogue, which was the beginning of their "friendship", later culminating in Carol hugging the real Jessica in relief after the latter got out of the Skrull ship.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: After Clint cheated on Jessica, some people lost sympathy for her when she slapped him twice and tried for a third. It doesn't help that he clearly had no idea they were serious or exclusive (given she's referred to as his 'friend-girl' rather than girlfriend) or that she has super strength while he's not, meaning those slaps would have been like being hit by a truck.
  • The Woobie: Jessica was captured and impersonated by the Skrull Queen for two years, and when she's rescued, she's hated. And that's not even after getting into her Dark and Troubled Past. Poor woman.
  • WTH, Marvel Editorial?: In some corners of internet it's popular reaction to giving Jessica 2014 ongoing, especially after Kelly Sue De Connick of Captain Marvel fame expressed interest in writing it, to Dennis Hopeless (who, after people on internet started pointing out Unfortunate Implications in Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover, whenever he deserved it or not, gained, reputation of a misogynist) and Greg Land (infamously accused multiple times of tracing from pornography).

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