YMMV / Shinobi Of The High Seas

  • Broken Base: Kenchi's decision to not have Naruto participate in the battle of Marineford has been met with mixed reviews by readers.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Akainu insists that Bonney is of great importance to the Gorosei. Given what readers know of them, it's likely they want her around to keep them young and in power.
  • Gary Stu: As mentioned in the description, Naruto is a total Gary Stu in this story. There is literally no point in arguing against that, because it's just so blatant. But despite this, the story somehow manages to be pretty good.
    • It helps that, aside from a couple new jutsu, this is basically the same Naruto from the current part of the manga, just much older and more experienced.
  • Never Live It Down: Ultra-violent Soren is constantly razzed by the rest of the Foxhound Pirates due to his apparent soft spot for Smoker's second-in-command Tashigi. He never harms her during their run-ins despite being far stronger. The others jump all over it because he is usually quite brutal to most enemies of the crew, especially Marines.
    • Naruto will never let Vivi forget that she reminded him of a stripper when they met. He even had a stripper pole installed in her quarters.
  • What an Idiot: Naruto's idea of keeping the ship sailing strait is to not touch the helm at all. Nojiko quickly calls him out on this.