YMMV / Second Chance

The Series

  • Older Than They Think: The villain popping up on cards in front of the contestant? Shuffling dollar amounts? Close-ups of squares? Split-screen for the final spins? A board that got cheaper as the series neared its end? Second Chance did them all first.

The Fanfic

  • The Scrappy: Bella. The fact that she was introduced in an incredibly abrupt way, her lack of chemistry with any of the other Z-Fighters, the fact that she didn't contribute anything to the story and her overall lack of purpose didn't endear her to most readers (not helping sharing her name with the protagonist of the Twilight books). The author even guessed that a lot of people would be happy when she was killed by Nappa, though he also claimed that he didn't kill her to appease her haters, and that she would be back in the future. It seems he changed his mind over time, since it was later shown that Bella decided to remain in Heaven instead of going to train with King Kai with the rest of the deceased Z-Fighters, and the author even stated a few times that he didn't know what he was thinking when he introduced her into the story.