YMMV / Suguri

  • Awesome Music: The soundtracks of all the entire series.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • In the first game, we have the flamethrower: Used correctly, it's capable of wiping out any kind of opposition, and works wonders on bosses.
    • QP in Acceleration of SUGURI, to the point where she's banned from competitive play.
  • Les Yay: Is there ever;
    • While all of the girls have their moments, Suguri and Hime are easily the most noticiable, jokes of rainbow-coloured circles and chains aside. The original game's ending in particular springs to mind, with Suguri smiling for once, offering her hand to Hime and welcoming her to earth, with Hime answering " I'm back (home)". Cue the poem about finaly not being alone and two of them holding hands as The End is shown. Dawww
    • In her extra story in Acceleration of SUGURI Saki says that Kae has a nice body even if she's a little dense.
    Saki: (On defeating Kae) "Waaah... Kae, settle down!"
  • More Popular Spin-Off Sequel: Acceleration of SUGURI and X-Edition, largely due to being a fighting game oppose to as a tough-as-nails shooter. Not even a dirty fighting Suguri could sway a non-shoot 'em up fan from it.
  • Porting Disaster: The Steam release of Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD was released in an unfinished, buggy state. Steam users have reported the game frequently crashes, the online multiplayer is bugged or non-functioning, compatibility issues with Windows 8/8.1, screen flickering problems in fullscreen, and broken Steam Achievements, among other things.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Keiko Sakurai's version of the character art and the UI in general for the English version of Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition by Rockin' Android for Play Station Network, although this was due to a large part of Sony's Executive Meddling. At least the artstyle is optional in the HD version on PC.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • QP's new character art, due to the more realistic proportions, is a little uncomfortable.
    • Kae's character portrait from the original SUGURI can be off-putting due to how huge her eyes and mouth are with her default expression, and somewhat creepy when she puts on her Psycho Smirk on. Her character art in later appearances however has gradually gotten better.