YMMV / Round the Twist

  • Broken Base: Some see the show as Growing the Beard with the third and fourth series having stronger plots and character arcs - the near-decade hiatus probably helped in that regard, as well as a more consistent cast. Others argue that Only the Creator Does It Right, preferring the Paul Jennings scripts and the pre-Flanderised characters.
  • Crazy Awesome - Bronson saving his foot odor until he can use it as a weapon in "Smelly Feat."
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Quite a few episodes have these, but one that really stands out is the end of "TV or Not TV." Fay and Tony come home from Fay's ultrasound appointment and put the ultrasound tape in the TV. A poof of smoke and... Everyone's dressed up as little babies on the couch... Including Tony and Fay. There's also the entire Benny Hill-esque sequence about midway through the same episode.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song, naturally.
  • Nausea Fuel: The excess of gross-out humor also counts, and nearly got the show banned in Australia, as the censors at the time felt it was inappropriate for children.
    • Pete and Linda are chased by a horde of seagulls that eventually trap them into a beach-hut and seal them inside just by defecating on it.
    • So many episodes revolve around urinating.
    • Bronson's "whirly willie"
    • The climax of "Spaghetti Pig-Out".
  • Nightmare Fuel - The series is quite renowned for having not just the weird, but the downright creepy (and another reason why Australian censors at the time didn't want to show this program to kids).
    • The scarecrow from Know All turns into a Monster Clown after being dressed in a haunted costume and chases Linda throughout the lighthouse laughing maniacally. Extra freaky when you find out that the scarecrow believes that Linda is its one true love.
    • The lint monster from season 4 was terrifying, being a pair of red eyes hiding in a dark space that built itself a huge hulking body out of lint and dust. The ABC had to air a disclaimer every time that episode aired because of just how frightening it was. See it here.
  • Special Effects Failure: If you watch carefully during the episode of "Spaghetti Pig-Out", you can see that the "30m" spaghetti that Pete is eating is in fact actual string. When he hears the music, you can see that what drops down onto Bronson's megaphone is in fact string.
    • Seasons 3 and 4 have a few pretty bad CG effects. Especially noticable are the Whirling Derfish from the episode of the same name; they have an odd cartoony look about them that really doesn't fit with their live-action surroundings.
    • Season 4 cleaned things up a little better with the ghostly effects in the first episode...