!![[Music/{{Revolver}} The album]] by Music/TheBeatles

* EnsembleDarkHorse: For a long time, ''Music/SgtPeppersLonelyHeartsClubBand'' was viewed as the Beatles' artistic peak, and it certainly had the biggest social impact at the time of release. However, many Fab Four fans have claimed that ''Revolver'' is the better album at least since 1974, when Roy Carr & Tony Tyler first published the quote featured on [[Music/{{Revolver}} the main page]].[[note]]They also wrote that "[U]nlike the later ''Sgt. Pepper'', [''Revolver''] has aged well--it's even matured--and the wealth of musical invention, social observation and downright intuition are as fresh today as when the album was originally issued."[[/note]] In 1996, ''Beatlefan'' magazine published "a 30th anniversary salute" to ''Revolver'' with the provocative title "Their Best Album? If You Say ''Sgt. Pepper'', Maybe You'd Better Think Again!" In his book about the LP, Robert Rodriguez calls it "a dark horse within the Beatles' oeuvre".
* SweetDreamsFuel: "Yellow Submarine," especially if you liked it as a kid, evokes an unprecedented feeling of innocence.

!![[Film/{{Revolver}} The film]] by Creator/GuyRitchie

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