YMMV: Revolutionary Road

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Too many to mention. Lets just say that there are many different opinions on Frank and April as people and the merits of their actions. Even characters dwell on interpretations of Frank and April in-universe.
  • Award Snub: Neither Winslet nor DiCaprio were nominated for an Oscar for their performances, although they were both nominated for Golden Globes, with Winslet winning. Plus, she still managed to pick up the Oscar for her other film that year, The Reader.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: In the movie, April's AutoErotica scene with Shep. Even though there's maybe three seconds early in the film when Shep gazes at her leaving the house, there's otherwise no major foreshadowing for this incident, and it's never spoken of again afterward. Not even when Frank openly tells April he cheated on her!. Of course, it's developed in the book and Shep dwells on this episode.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Michael Shannon as John Givings, subsequently nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
    • He was in the movie for about ten minutes and was able to subsequently OWN everyone in that movie. That nomination was well-deserved.
  • One-Scene Wonder: In the book, Norma, Maureen's flatmate, who sits down with Frank to call him out on his affair with Maureen.
  • Tear Jerker