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  • Archive Binge / Archive Trawl - what happens to most people who stumble across the comic, and what devoted fans of it did for years, and still do on occasion.
  • Anvilicious - Mocked when the party fought a Marlboro (a recurring Final Fantasy monster that attacked with bad breath). This one wore a cowboy hat, smoked cigarettes and died of cancer mid-battle.
  • Badass Decay - Jeff seems to suffer from this, as he gets one-upped and humiliated at Galgarion at every turn. Though this may be just to prove Galgarion DOES deserve the name of Big Bad. Or obfuscating wussiness on Jeff's part...
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - The "Unlikely Heroes" fansong.
  • Fan Dumb / Fan Hater - RPG World had one of the most malicious fandoms ever, to the point that you literally couldn't tell the fans from the trolls. The regulars turned the official RPG World forums into a wasteland and attacked anyone who tried to discuss the comic. After the hiatus began they started hunting down other works of Ian J.'s to make fun of. Ian eventually nuked the forum and posted a Take That towards them, which included the statement "I don't owe you anything".
    • It's important to note that this only happened after Ian abandoned the comic. A good, strong fan community had formed, and suddenly found itself without anything on-topic to discuss. Between that, Ian's outright hostility towards the community, and his appointing of a handful of known trolls as mods... it's not like it could have ended up any other way.
  • Ho Yay - Galgarion and Jeff get this a lot. Jeff being a bit of a Bishōnen doesn't help at all. It's lampshaded in a couple of strips where the two are caught in compromising positions.
  • Les Yay - There's a bunch of Cherry/Reka stuff. Big time. And here's some more. Subverted in this comic. The girls aren't happy, but Eikre is.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Outside of the creator's newfound love for random events humor over a structured story, RPG World may have died due to being caught up in a dispute over creative rights. Namely, the fact that Jones probably wouldn't have had any due to the fact that Keenspot turned into a full-fledged publishing house towards the end of the comic's life.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Some would argue that Galgarion crossed it when he killed Reika. They would be wrong. It's when he boasted about how he murdered Evil Soldier #347's wife with a weapon that is powered by souls, and can either cause 9999 damage, instant death, or slow agonizing death, depending on the situation. If you thought that he was misunderstood, only Affably Evil, well, guess what: you're kidding yourself.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: parodied
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: The author offered a contest for people to write the ending for him. Most people used this to insult him in one way or another for the comic having No Ending and/or make fun of his photography (which he considered to be the best part). The contest is closed, and the last strip is a huge picture of him and a friend saying, more or less "fuck you, imma play Space Invaders". He is quoted as saying "I don't owe you anything".

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