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YMMV: Pusher
  • Awesome Music: The "Pusher Theme" and the two variations used in the sequals respectivly. Each film has it's very own moments:
    • In Pusher there is a piano piece played during a silent scene where Frank and Vic walks home and Frank watches tv while Vic injects heroin called Into the Sun. The piece itself is a Tear Jerker and a sharp contrast to the rest of the music in the film.
    • In Pusher II it's "Sad Disco" and "With Blood on My Hands" which play over the finale of the film and over the credits.
    • The third film has the creepy synth theme that plays during the credits.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Milo's threatening lines in heavily accented Danish became a major source of Memetic Mutation in Denmark after the first Pusher movie. However, the most popular one, "Fukker du me' mig, Frankeh?" ("Are yo' fookin' with me, Frankeh?") is an example of this trope. The angry Milo really says: "Fukker du me' mig? Han fukker med mig!!" ("Are yo' fookin' with me? He is fookin' with me!!")
  • Ho Yay: Tonny plants a big kiss on Frank in Pusher. The Heterosexual Life-Partners trope is in full play here, as the two do almost nothing else save for just hanging out and messing around. Of course, this all disappears when Frank just thinks that Tonny has ratted him out, doesn't even stop to talk to him about it, and beats him senseless.
  • Nausea Fuel: In Pusher 3 we get to see Radovan draining a corpse of blood and emptying it's organs.

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