YMMV / Prom Night (2008)

  • Complete Monster: Richard Fenton was a former teacher who had a hidden obsession with one of his students, the fourteen-year-old Donna, whom he began stalking and harassing. When he got fired for this obsession and was served a restraining order, Fenton decided to kidnap Donna so he could have her all to himself. To this end, he murdered her whole family, including her younger brother, before Donna managed to flag down the police and they caught him. At his arraignment, he unrepentantly insisted to Donna that she belonged to him and he would return to get her. Three years later, Fenton breaks out of prison just before Donna's prom night, and attends her prom party at a local hotel incognito, murdering most of Donna's friends and anyone else who crosses his path, including some of the hotel staff. When corpses start turning up and the police hustle Donna back to her home for her safety, Fenton quietly murders a cop while sneaking into her house, and slits her boyfriend's throat in his sleep. He then attempts to rape and/or murder Donna before being gunned down by the police.
  • Idiot Plot: Arguably so. After finding out that a crazed killer who is obsessed with Donna has just escaped from prison, the police abd Donna's aunt and uncle still let her attend prom and only put a handful of security guys there to keep watch over her. What could possibly go wrong? In fact, Detective Finn wasn't even informed Fenton had escaped for three days. Even he calls his superiors out on that stupid decision. Their motive for not at least warning Donna about Fenton or taking more precautions? They didn't want to ruin her prom. Considering the outcome of the night, this was not the right decision.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Because the movie ends right after Fenton dies, we have no idea what kind of performance review headquarters handed down to the police force for their sloppy work and the ensuing tragedy that resulted from it, nor do we see any of what must have been a considerable outpouring of grief from the families of the three murdered teenagers and the murdered adults besides.
  • Rooting for the Empire: When the police after the villain are as dumb as a pile of bricks, it's kind of hard for some of the hard-core horror fans in the audience not to root for him.
  • The Woobie: Donna. Her hebephile teacher murders her entire family, and then to make matters worse, just as she's starting to recover, he breaks out and murders her closest friends and boyfriend as well.