YMMV / Private Eye

  • Accidental Innuendo: Sometimes seen in Colemanballs / Commentatorballs, and they also occasionally publish examples of this from newspaper articles (this used to be a much more prevalent feature, back when manual typesetting meant that amusing typos were more common in newspapers).
  • Broken Base: Their treatment of Julian Assange is unrelentingly negative - as far as the Eye is concerned, he is a shifty, anti-Semitic, irresponsible, vain sex offender. This has fractured the base into people who agree with this treatment and people who think that the Eye and Assange are natural allies.
    • Similarly, their support for Pussy Riot has pissed off a small but Vocal Minority of right-wing Christians who think that the band deserved what they got for disrupting a church service.
    • In 2016-7, the magazine's generally anti-Brexit line utterly outraged some anti-EU readers.
  • Memetic Mutation: The Eye's nicknames for newspapers are regularly used by people who have never read and have barely heard of Private Eye. For a more narrow, political audience, their euphemisms such as "tired and emotional" and "discussing Uganda" are well known.
  • The Weird Al Effect: Some phrases the Eye has kept going are now more associated with it than their original progenitors, such as "as any fule kno", which comes from molesworth.