YMMV / Princess


  • Alternate Character Interpretation Is August a righteous crusader fighting against the people who exploited his sister and continue to dishonour her memory? Or just a raging fundamentalist against people with a perfectly legal business? On the same lines, Charlie. August holds him responsible for Christina's death as well as everything that happened to Mia. Mia however has fond memories of him, nobody forced Christina into her job and the exact circumstances of her death are vague, making Charlie's part in it rather ambiguous. At the end of the movie we see him putting flowers on the graves of August, Mia and Christina.
  • Designated Hero: While August's goal is sympathetic, he commits some very morally reprehensible things throughout story to the point where it becomes harder to root for him, such as beating up a person simply for going out with a prostitute, blowing up a porn industry which very likely had innocent workers that did nothing to deserve being sacrificed, and at the end, plants a bomb inside the mansion that charlie is supposedly hanging out at, killing many innocent lives in the process, including Mia....
  • Designated Villain: Charlie. His only crime is getting Christina involved in the porn industry, but other than that, he doesn't really do anything else making him worthy of being an antagonist. Ironically, August is much more of an antagonist compared to charlie (see Designated Hero above).
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Sure, August tries his best to keep Mia safe from the ugly side of the world and also does his best to be a good father figure to her. However, any sympathy for him is killed off when he not only sacrifices innocent lives on his quest for revenge, but indirectly causes Mia's death as well, arguably making him almost worse than our main antagonist, Charlie.
  • What An Idiot: Seriously, if only August had planted the bomb inside something else instead Mia's plushy rabbit, Mia wouldn't have been caught in the explosion and died.


  • Anvilicious: Sorta comes with the territory to some extent, but then "don't be a jerk to the transgender community" stands out.