YMMV / Poets of the Fall

  • Awesome Music:
  • Earworm: "Late Goodbye" the Solemn Ending Theme and recurring leitmotif of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, and the Breakaway Pop Hit that put Poets on the map. It's also an in-universe example, as various characters in-game are heard singing it or playing it on pianos.
    • Not just "Late Goodbye". They have several catchy tunes. Lift, Carnival Of Rust, Locking Up The Sun, Overboard, Don't Mess With Me, Roses, Show Me This Life, Daze, Choice Millionaire, Dreaming Wide Awake, Clevermind, Diamonds For Tears, Shadow Play, War, Drama For Life, the list just goes on and on with this band.
  • Face of the Band: A casual fan of Poets of the Fall may only be familiar with Marko Saaresto, the lead vocalist and lyricist. He gets the meatiest roles in videos, and since he's rather fluent in English, functionally serves as The Face for the group, often being interviewed solo, or doing the lion's share of talking.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The band have a very devoted following in their native Finland, but have also had surprising levels of success elsewhere. They produced a special Best Of Album in India, have toured a lot in Russia and of course have a North American and European fanbase that know of them from their work on Max Payne 2 and the Alan Wake games.
  • Ho Yay: Alan Wake's Power Ballad "War," about fighting against an enemy together, is ostensibly directed from protagonist Alan to his wife Alice, but considering that she spends most of the game abducted by said enemy and in need of rescue, there's a subtext both in-game and in the music video that the sentiments are directed from Alan's predecessor Thomas Zane to his chosen successor Alan, or the other way 'round.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Most of Marko's singing is absolutely beautiful.
  • Tear Jerker
    ''Why do we sacrifice our beautiful souls?
    How do you break a heart of gold?.''
  • Uncanny Valley: The fully-Intentional look for the music video of "Carnival of Rust" revolving around a Circus of Fear carnival and its surreal, menacing denizens.