YMMV / Planet Hulk

  • Complete Monster: Angmo-Asan is the Red King. When the Hulk first challenged him, he first casually kills off the rest of a gladiatorial bout's survivors (save for Miek); and, after Hulk gains the upper hand, he sends his guards on him and shoots him in the back. Later, we see him firsthand casually ordering the death of all people who say something against his high tributes and dismissing the complaints of his peasants, because he doesn't see them as anything more than animals. During the second Arena Fight of Hulk and his Warbound, he decides to screw the rules and tries to nuke them (together with the whole audience), which only fails because Hulk contains the blast. He even attempts to make them kill one of their Warbound-members via Mind Rape. After the heroes confront him with his crimes, he doesn't even care one bit, rolls his eyes and smugly proclaims: "Yes. I killed them. As is my Right. As is my Duty. As is my Pleasure." And when he is finally defeated, he attempts to destroy the whole planet in response. The only way to make him remotely good was shown later when they made him into a cyborg and programmed him into behaving. Plus, Caeira's flashback of him as a child. In the comic, he saves her life but immediately enslaves her. In the animated film, she offers her loyalty willingly but the kid Red King turns out to have been still just as villainous when he reveals he ordered the Spike attack on Caiera's village specifically so he could capture her.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Android in the movie.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Red King crosses this in Caiera's eyes when he sets the Spikes against the Hulk and then bombs the village he infected with them.