YMMV / Paul Bunyan

  • Memetic Badass: One of the first.
  • Newer Than They Think: While there were a few tales of a legendary logger named Paul Bunyan, much of the Bunyan myth was created in the 20th century as part of an advertising campaign for a lumber company. Paul Bunyan has been cited as an example of "fakelore", or a modern story being passed off as myth.
  • Values Dissonance: In these modern, environmentally friendly times, a man who commits mass deforestation (such as a cutting down every single tree in North Dakota and Kansas, which were previously covered in old growth forest) and driving any animals who get in his way to extinction, Paul doesn't seem quite as heroic. And in some of the earlier stories the loggers seem pretty unconcerned when some black loggers go missing, reasoning that since it was the Year of the Black Snow, finding them would be impossible.