YMMV / Pat Benatar

  • Covered Up: Her version of "You Better Run" is better known than the original by the Rascals. "Shadows of the Night" is also a (massively) re-worked version of a song originally sung by Helen Schneider. "I Need A Lover" plays with this; both her version and the (original) John Mellencamp version are well-known.
  • Genre Adultery: True Love, a jump blues album.
    • "We Belong" is a synth-laden ballad with a children's choir, very deliberately different from her signature hard rock sound.
  • Mondegreen: "Hit me with your best shot" is often misheard as "Hit me with your pet shark." Even at live concerts it sounds like she's saying "pet shark".
  • Retroactive Recognition: Bill Paxton had a small role in the "Shadows of the Night" video.