YMMV / Out for Justice

  • Anticlimax Boss: When Gino finally gets to Richie, he beats him so thoroughly that Richie's continued attempts to put up a fight become almost comical until Gino finally puts him out of his misery.
  • Complete Monster: Richie Madano is an unstable, drug-abusing criminal who sets off the events of the story by brutally murdering his girlfriend Roxanne and then shooting the cop that slept with her dead in full view of his wife and children. Richie soon thereafter engages in a pursuit of thrills and fun while being pursued by the deceased cop's partner Geno Felino, blowing the brains out of a woman who grows impatient with him, coaxing a terrified retired prostitute into sleeping with him through the faint implication of violence, murdering people for drugs, abusing his weak-willed brother, gunning down his own disabled associate, and fatally shooting a group of mobsters sent to whack him. Richie is so pointlessly and randomly violent even his own family fear for their lives if they were to ever get on his bad side.
  • Evil Is Cool: As much of a horrible person as he is, Richie Madano displays plenty of Villainous Virtues and doesn't back down from anything, and despite being a normal human fueled mostly by alcohol and drugs, is insanely vicious and resourceful enough to elude Gino, The Mafia, and the police for a whole day.
  • Narm: The scene where Gino blows the leg off some mook with a shotgun (Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh no! Oh you took my fucking leg! Oh! Oh! Oh, you motherfucker!)
  • Retroactive Recognition: A young John Leguizamo is a boy in the alley.
  • What an Idiot!: Richie. He was dead the second he killed a cop in broad daylight. Then again, he at least seems vaguely aware of it and simply doesn't care.
    • Bobby's wife, so much, getting her husband killed which is the catalyst for ALL the events of the film.