YMMV / Origin

  • Broken Base: Omnipresent. It was either a cool experiment that isolated the various components of their style, or it was a scattershot mess that strayed too far from their codified sound to the point where it didn't even have a recognizable identity.
  • Face of the Band: Paul Ryan or possibly John Longstreth; the latter would be due in large part to his Wolverine Publicity work with other bands (most famously Gorguts).
  • Replacement Scrappy: James King. He's long since become an exceptional drummer in his own right, but his style was far more straightforward than John's, and his lack of experience (he had only been playing for two or so years when he joined) meant that he had a great deal of difficulty playing John's material live. Basically, he bit off more than he could chew at the time. He even admitted in a YouTube comments section of a video of him playing "Inhuman" live that he was extremely inexperienced at the time and still had a whole lot to learn about drumming.
  • Signature Song: "The Aftermath" and "Expulsion of Fury"