YMMV / One Piece Film: Strong World

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Shiki's dance number.
  • Moe: Xiao.
  • Praising Shows You Don't Watch: The One Piece wiki made a poll for the best OP movie, and Strong World won by a landslide. Fair enough. The problem is, the poll was created before anyone had subbed the movie. Oda's involvement and its canon status automatically made it the best One Piece movie, regardless of how the film actually turned out. Granted, some fans might have seen and enjoyed the movie before it was actually subbed, but this doesn't invalidate the trope.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Some felt Shiki overall battle with the crew wasn't too well handled. Granted yes he does fight the entire crew and Luffy. But the main problem is that he's always in the air for the majority of their conflicts and never really bothers to try to fight them head on (save for a brief mid-air battle that only last a few minutes). Instead just using his powers to try and swamp them with whatever element is on hand (rocks, snow, water, etc) and floating there like a moron as Luffy brought his final attack down on him which many felt was a sorry way for their fight to end. It really underplays his threat that was built up before the movie was released, especially considering that he had fought Gold Roger.

Alternative Title(s): One Piece Strong World