YMMV / Obituary

  • Contested Sequel: It's far from unanimous, but there's some debate over the quality of World Demise due to its shift toward a more conventional three-chorus song structure on about half the album, including the below-mentioned "Don't Care". On the flipside Back From The Dead is regarded as a low point by most fans and critics due to weaker performances on the part of all the band, and rather lifeless production.
  • Dork Age: Back from the Dead is universally seen as one of these, and both Xecutioner's Return and Darkest Day are widely hated as well for what is seen as anemic, unimaginative riffing and songwriting coupled with an overabundance of needlessly overplayed shred solos. Finding an Obituary fan who truly enjoys both of the Santolla-era albums is almost as hard as finding one who enjoys Back from the Dead.
  • Executive Meddling: Rumored to have played a role in both the lower quality of Back From the Dead and the band's 1998 break-up. Given that Roadrunner had already axed every other death metal band on the label, this seems likely.
  • Never Live It Down: Allen West's post-Obituary/Six Feet Under life has become one big string of these, with five DUI arrests (in the state of Florida, three major violations makes one eligible for habitual offender status, which is an automatic five-year license revocation; five of them got him an eight-month prison sentence and most likely rendered him permanently ineligible to legally drive in the state) on his record, not to mention an arrest in March of 2013 for running a meth lab in his house that was discovered after he called the police to report a burglary.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Ralph Santolla, and how. The hatred that he got for his performances on Xecutioner's Return and Darkest Day was downright staggering.
  • Signature Song: Post-reunion, probably "Redneck Stomp". Pre-reunion, probably "Don't Care".
  • Win Back the Crowd: None of their reunion albums have been held in particularly high regard. Frozen in Time was So Okay, It's Average, the Santolla albums were largely despised, and Inked in Blood was generally seen as a disappointment with a few good songs and a whole lot of filler. Basically, fan opinion of post-reunion Obituary was largely "see 'em live for the songs that you actually give a shit about". Then the self-titled dropped and the fanbase wholeheartedly embraced it as their best album since their original run.