YMMV / Nozoki Ana

  • Ear Worm: The ending song, "Going To Ride".
  • Funny Moments: This erotic romance manga has both its comedic and unintentionally funny moments.
    • For the first few times, it can be just plain arousing to see Kido attracting the attention of beautiful yet horny women. However, as the reader gets further invested in the story, Kido's Chick Magnet status became a laughingly blatant excuse for portraying more sex scenes (Invoking reader comments the likes of "Not Again!" and "Lucky Bastard").
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Obviously, most expressions of love made between the male and female protagonist throughout the entire series, especially when the male protagonist became more aware of his feelings.
    • The Ending - Emiru and Kido were reunited after the Time Skip.
  • Idiot Plot: Especially applicable on Kido. The drama and conflicts are mostly avoidable if Kido either makes an early guilt confession, gives believable excuses regarding the wall hole or his relationship with Emiru, or simply stays firm in ending that voyeuristic relationship.
  • Squick: Tomoya Ikuno loved his step-sister Emiru. First issue - That love extends beyond that of a sibling relationship. Second and somewhat unnerving issue - Everything he did, INCLUDING marrying Tsugumi, was for the sake of Emiru. Third and the most disturbing act - He drilled a hole in the wall through Emiru's bedroom so he can peep on his own step-sister.