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YMMV: Nextwave
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: If your only previous exposure to Machine Man before this was in books like Earth X, prepare for a shock.
  • Crazy Awesome: this is a series in which out-of-character established superheroes and the Captain blow things up while being pursued by a Nick Fury spoof in an airship made from submarines welded together.
    • Wolverine/Chimp hybrids, anyone?
  • Crosses the Line Twice: All over the place, such as the suicidal teddy bear.
    • Also, evil beam-shooting Stephen Hawkings getting massacred by the team.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: At least one per issue. Usually more.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: How many other twelve issue comic series have their own Theme Song?
  • Genius Bonus: When Forbush Man mind-whammies the team into their own personal hells, Aaron's is working as an insurance agent. This really was a Secret Identity he had in his past.
    • The aliens who meet the Captain are named Spa Fon and Squa Tront.note 
    • When Aaron recalls his time with the Celestials in issue 5, the one who gives him the "loser" sign with his hand is Arishem the Judge, a forgotten Kirby creation that can destroy worlds just by giving it a thumbs down with the "Cosmic Formula" enscribed in his hand.
    • During the penultimate issue beatdown of the Beyond Corporation's army of genetic freaks, 1960's Marvel character Hidden Man can be seen fighting them. Also seen are copies of Fantastic Four one time adversary, The Infant Terrible.
  • Girls Need Role Models: Averted in that despite the team's gender balance being skewed towards female, none of them are terribly good role models. Monica comes across as a Jaded Washout, Tabitha is an Idiot Hero and Elsa seems to just be there for the killing. That said, they're paragons of decency compared to the guys.
  • Padding: Gloriously averted, this series was based on the idea "if it doesn't fit in two explosion-heavy books, or it's sane, don't do it."
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: All of the Nextwave team members (save for The Captain, who was created for the comic). Oh, and Forbush Man.

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