YMMV / Never7

  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny- Unfortunately, the game has not aged well, at least when compared to other science fiction visual novels. Back when it was first released, there were not a lot of science fiction visual novels in existence, and many players were reportedly shocked by the sudden Genre Shift in the Cure Route from romance to sci-fi, and up until that point, KID had been known for average, non-ero visual novels. Nowadays, however, a lot of the things that were novel in Never7 have now been replicated and improved on in many other visual novels. It also doesn't helped that it got eclipsed by it's successor, Ever17.
  • What Could Have Been- Originally, a "Kurumi Cure" route was supposedly planned to be included in Infinity CURE, but software limitations meant that it had to be cut for space, and was never released in any other form afterwards.