YMMV / N Gamer

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Another particularly famous bit of humour from their heyday is their interpretation of various members of Nintendo's hierarchy, including Hiroshi Yamauchi as a man to be feared, Reggie Fils Aime as a badass man-ogre who could squish your head with his bare hands (yet would cry at the sight of a small child lost in a supermarket aisle) and former Nintendo of Europe Managing Director David Gosen as a homicidal robot by the name of Go-sen who tended to claim "This year is a good year to buy a (insert Nintendo product or calendar)."
    Iwata: [Continued laughter]//
    • Also as somewhat of a badass. When one guest (Hawkeye) made a small joke at Iwata's expense, Iwata's response is a deadly-serious "How dare you threaten Iwata-san?".
  • Squick: Their reaction to Doki Doki Majo Shinpan or as they later dubbed it, the "Meh Witch Touching Project". The object of the game, to identify witches masquerading as schoolgirls by ostensibly feeling them up to find a witch mark, did not rub well with them to the point where their ratings, usually in numbered percentages, all merely read NO.
  • Tear Jerker: The Iwata Asks page of the very last issue, in which Iwata (as noted above, a Smug Snake who begins nearly every line with a laugh) is interviewing Mr Grey and Mr Beige, the "corporate overlords" who closed the magazine.
    Iwata: [Laughs] If we can still sell Kirby games in 2012, surely it is possible to sell honest journalism too. When did their demise begin?
    Mr Grey: When they only gave Smash Bros 93%.
    Iwata: (silence)
    Mr Beige: Mr Iwata?
    Iwata: Mr Iwata will never laugh again.