* {{Altitis}}: Particularly among the role players, who would make a new profile for every fictional character they played. Unlike Facebook, [=MySpace=] was very lax about this, and for the longest time one didn't even need to verify their email to start a new profile.
* DeaderThanDisco: It was ''the'' social media platform in the 2000s, boasting over 60 million users at the height of its popularity and helping to catapult numerous musicians (most notably from the {{emo|Music}} genre) into the mainstream. However, due to the rise of competing social media sites (especially Website/{{Facebook}}) over the years, around 2008-09 the site began hemorrhaging users as they moved on to other platforms. After founder and unofficial "mascot" Tom Anderson was fired, the site went through a change in management in 2010, attempting to rebrand itself as a "Social Entertainment" site. The site tried repeatedly to reinvent itself and attract back users, but [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks most of the changes were poorly received]] by the few users still sticking around (mostly roleplayers, who would end up also leaving [=MySpace=] for other blogging platforms like Website/LiveJournal and Website/{{Tumblr}}) and often reeked of WereStillRelevantDammit-type desperation. After being bought and sold to a revolving door of companies and individuals, the site was {{retool}}ed into a virtual Facebook copy, while also deleting all the existing blogs, comments, and messages (or at least making them inaccessible) without ''any'' prior warning whatsoever, which did not amuse the remaining fanbase.\\\
[=MySpace=] is still around as a social networking site, albeit now with a heavier emphasis on music and entertainment. However, between the existence of Facebook ([[DefeatMeansFriendship with Tom himself even stating that he much preferred it]]) and other competing platforms, [=MySpace=]'s GloryDays are nothing more than a distant memory for many '00s kids, and it's not likely to recapture any of that any day soon, being considered the Internet equivalent to a DyingTown. Anytime [=MySpace=] is ever talked about nowadays, it's often to laugh about how it seemed to be a breeding ground for {{Emo Teen}}s, {{Attention Whore}}s, and [[PaedoHunt pedophiles]].
* HypeBacklash
* ScapegoatCreator: Site lagging? Messages not working the way they're supposed to? Too many irritating upgrades? It's all Tom's fault!
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: Users had been saying this ever since Myspace introduced status updates to copy Facebook and Website/{{Twitter}}, but the outcry has never been as loud as it had been with the 2010 "Social Entertainment" ReTool.
** It's one of the few instances in internet history where this reaction essentially killed a website that was once huge.
** The reaction after the 2013 reboot resulted in all the blogs and several other things being [[http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/12/bring-the-blogs-back/ deleted from your profile]]. There is an option to transfer your pictures to your new profile, but should that even need to be an option?
* WereStillRelevantDammit: The whole "Social Entertainment" switch.
* WinBackTheCrowd: What "The New Myspace" is hoping to do.