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YMMV: My Boyfriend Is A Monster
  • Narm: The way the pack of evil vampires in My Boyfriend Bites poses like a Boy Band.
  • Tear Jerker: From I Love Him to Pieces: When Dicey's truck runs out of fuel, an almost-fully-zombified woman offers to turn the gas on for her. Dicey tells her to get into the truck's frozen compartment to slow down the zombification process, but the woman says it's too late for her, that she wants to stay with her family, and that they "always wanted a daughter, too."
    • From I Love The Dead, Tom's death - he fell off a horse when he was eighteen and broke his neck. He came back as a ghost, but didn't move on because he saw how sad his parents and sister were and wanted to look after them. By the time he was ready to move on though, he couldn't.

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