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YMMV: Memories
  • Dude, Not Funny!: For some people, Stink Bomb is more tragic and sad than anything else, largely due to Fridge Horror.
    • Some people take it as really, REALLY Black Comedy instead.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Rampant AI in Magnetic Rose, haunting Heintz with his most traumatic memory, and using a Lotus-Eater Machine on Miguel (and countless other corpses).
    • After the staggered terrorist attacks of the early 21st century, and the possibility of "dirty bombs" laid in populated areas, a lot of people would view the fallout of "Stink Bomb" in this way.
    • A protest group in Cannon Fodder is arguing against the use of hazardous materials in the gunpowder used to fire the shells. The father who works at one of the enormous guns is later reprimanded (for something that wasn't even his fault) and forced to stand within the firing chamber that is normally evacuated but for one operator, without his mask on. Given how pallid and haggard the art style makes everyone look, it adds more horror with the Forever War slowly killing its population from within (for no reason at all).
  • Tearjerker: Magnetic Rose has more than a few moments that can bring tears. The worst may be finding out that, for cute little Emily, getting the spacesuit costume she always wanted... ended in her tragic death falling from the roof of her house. No wonder Heinz spends so much time out on space missions.

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