YMMV / Melvins

  • Ear Worm: Many, many songs. "Revolve" is a notable example.
  • Epic Riff: They're masters of this. "Boris" is a good example, so good that a whole band is named after it.
  • Covered Up: In a rare case where this was done almost purposely; Buzz Osbourne asked the members of the band Green River why they didn't play the song "Leech" live anymore. They replied that they didn't like the song much anymore. When Buzz asked if the Melvins could cover it, Green River apparently flat-out gave the song to them.
  • Misblamed: Some criticisms of Pigs of the Roman Empire single out Lustmord for the failings. According to Buzzo, most of the issues fans had with the album were on tracks Lustmord wasn't even involved with.