Trivia / Melvins

  • Creator Couple: Mackie Osbourne, Buzz Osbourne's wife, is an artist and graphic designer who primarily does artwork for rock albums. She's designed the artwork of nearly every Melvins album released since 1994.
  • Throw It In: "Vile" starts with a strange percussive noise, followed by a distinctive "woosh" sound - This was actually the sound of Lori Black turning her bass gear on.
  • What Could Have Been: Beck was slated to appear on the collaboration-themed album The Crybaby, but the band apparently had trouble getting in contact with his management in time for the album's scheduled release. This sort of would have been the second time Beck became involved with the band - his single "Beercan" sampled their song "Hogleg", and Buzz Osbourne appeared in the video.
    • The live "album" (read: the song Eye Flys stretched out with a cacophony of noise, feedback, and sampling) Colossus of Destiny was supposed to be the third album in the trilogy after The Maggot and The Bootlicker and was intended to be completely unenjoyable and a total Mind Screw for anyone who bought the album. However, the band came up with the idea to collaborate with several other musicians and released that album (The Crybaby) in its place. The band also held off on releasing Colossus of Destiny for another year, and in the meantime put out a redone version of Gluey Porch Treatments and the Electroretard album before the intended third album saw the light of day.
    • When Jello Biafra offered to collaborate with the Melvins, he had originally wanted them to write material that was more like their normal style, as a change from the Hardcore Punk sound he's normally associated with. Then the band had to write all of the music without him, and ended up with songs that mostly sounded like a slightly heavier version of the Dead Kennedys.
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