YMMV / Mayonaka Densha

  • Ho Yay: It is strongly implied that Jack is in love with Tom, almost to the point that it stops just being subtext Hatsune is not above teasing him about it. It's stated that the two have slept in the same bed before on more than one occasion and Jack constantly wears the scarf that Tom have him as a child. And god help you if you touch his scarf. Aside from that, Jack is also a raging misogynist
  • Les Yay: Irene Adler asks Hatsune to strip down so she can take her measurements in Volume 3. Hatsune does so.
    • Jessica Queen gives a traumatised Hatsune a bath after she has something of an...accident and lends her some spare clothes. At this point she didn't even know Hatsune's name.
    • Later on in Volume 9, Jessica flirts with Hatsune when the two are alone.
    Jessica: Looks like it's just you and me, my lovely!
    Hats: Hey now, Jess...I know things haven't been going too peachy with you and Jack but—!
    Jessica: Oh shame, you were my back up plan.
    • "Implied lesbianism. TO YOUR KEYBOARDS FANFIC WRITERS!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: This series does have it's fair share of bloody dismembered corpses (Considering who the antagonist is) and murderers but how scary one finds them will definitely differ from viewer to viewer. Especially considering that the artwork isn't all that fantastic in the earlier volumes.