Heartwarming / Mayonaka Densha

  • Tom's very cute proposition that him and Hatsune be brother and sister because both of them are lacking a family in one way or another.
    • Regardless of the implications, considering Hatsune falls in love with Tom later on.
  • Tom and Irene's little pep talk to Hatsune after her brush with the Ripper in which Hatsune realises that Irene is more of a mother to her than her real mother ever was.
  • Hatsune and Tom's First Kiss (Well, first real one) under the mistletoe was very sweet.
  • The gift giving scene, where Jack actually bothers to buy Hatsune a present by which she is endlessly amused. Hatsune's warm look when she receives a stuffed elephant as a gift from Tom is priceless.
    • Hatsune later tries on the tea gown Irene bought her and the hair pin from Jack, and feels like she truly belongs in the Victorian era.
  • Hatsune's journal entry after New Years.
  • Heck, just the New Years scene!