YMMV / Martial Law

  • Anticlimax Boss: Sammo was once facing a man, claimed to be world's deadliest assassin, who had even killed two bodyguards with a pencil. However when Sammo started fighting him it turned out that the guy didn't even know kung fu. He was just a crook, who had accidentally killed a man with improperly prepared fugu while trying to hide from the police, and pretended to be an assassin for the money.
  • Complete Monster: Cliff Eagleton, from "Honor Among Strangers", is a white supremacist encountered by Sammo Law and Cordell Walker Having murdered a Texas Ranger, Eagleton sets up shop in Los Angeles where he proceeds to attempt to hijack a set of stinger missiles to bomb LA in order to remove "foreign" businesses. After being thwarted, he returns to Texas in part 2 of this crossover, Walker, Texas Ranger's season 8 episode "The Day of Cleansing" to initiate "The Cleansing", taking a group of trucks loaded with enough explosives to make the Oklahoma City bombing look tame, before driving them to foreign business centers and black churches, before detonating them all over the city in order to subjugate minorities and show them their "proper" place.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: It's pretty obvious that most of the viewers were watching the show solely to watch Sammo Hung kick ass and take names.
  • Seasonal Rot: The second season, when Sammo Hung was saddled with Arsenio Hall to force the series to become a TV copy of Rush Hour, was doomed from the start.
  • Ship Sinking: The Ship Tease that existed between Louis and Grace in the first season evaporated after Louis got written out of the show for the second season.