YMMV / Love Letter from Thief X

  • Nightmare Fuel - Your workplace being robbed would be bad enough, but the Main Character also gets kidnapped by the love interests at knife and gunpoint, from her bedroom.
  • Too Dumb to Live - The Main Character has bouts of this, usually resulting in her needing to be rescued by the love interest, or in some cases causing complications that could have been easily avoided. The entire prologue could almost be "Too Dumb To Live: The Movie" if the boys had been of the horror movie variety, instead of the Omae Visual Novel variety.
  • White Man's Burden / Mighty Whitey - A Japanese variation. In Kenshi's sequel he and the protagonist run off to save a village in Africa. After some heroics (in which the villagers notably don't do anything to save themselves) they declare Kenshi their hero in a way that feels really off putting.