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YMMV: Losing Christina
  • Les Yay: Christina/Anya, Christina/Dolly.
  • Nightmare Fuel: And how!
    • The ending of Fire when the Shevvingtons are burned alive and their remains are dumped out in front of beach party guests.
    • Pretty much the entire series.
    • The revelation that the Shevvingtons are collecting souls by taking away everything that matters to young girls and then forcing them to live in rooms surrounded by all the things they used to find beautiful or calming.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Hoo boy.
    • The painting constantly changing from a calm, quiet sea to a stormy violent sea.
    • Mr. Shevvington's changing contacts.
    • Objects like cigarettes randomly getting planted in Christina's bag to get her into trouble.
    • The real guest bedroom Christina moves into later in the trilogy, which seems to be a reflection of her soul.
  • Tear Jerker

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