YMMV / Locke & Key

  • Anvilicious: The anti-racism message in volume four. While the comic is able to address mature topics like gender-identity and homosexuality in relatively nuanced ways, the anti-racism message is rather cliche, contributes nothing to the plot, and is never referenced again.
  • Ass Pull: The ending. Throughout the comic, the keys have been shown to be capable of pretty much anything. But apparently, even though you can make a key that turns the moon into a doorway to Heaven, you can't make one that can free a person from the parasites without killing them.
  • Complete Monster: The unnamed demon who possessed teenager Lucas "Dodge" Caravaggio is a sadistic and cruel monster who is behind all the bad happenings in the story. Originally a seemingly animalistic entity, the demon, taking the name "Dodge" after possessing Lucas, develops human-like emotions and personality, which only enhance his capacity for wickedness. An emotionally manipulative psychopath, the demon happily commits various atrocities throughout the story, from turning an emotionally unstable teen into a Serial Killer, to physically and emotionally abusing a woman before mind raping and eventually ruthlessly murdering her, to deliberately forcing a recovering alcoholic into a drunken stupor simply to strain her relationship with her daughter. Eliminating anyone who could oust him as a monster, the demon goes to any lengths to silence those suspicious of him, from destroying their minds, leaving them as empty shells, to outright killing them, with children being no exception. After possessing a young boy named Bode, leaving his soul trapped as a ghost unable to interact with his family or ask for help, the demon first kills the boy's best friend who gets suspicious of him, then uses a shadow army to capture hundreds of people, killing any of them who resist, and reveals his master plan: To bring forth a select group of his kind who will assist him in taking over the world, massacring any humans who resist and turning those who survive into his tortured slaves, all for his newly-developed god complex. Though originally having no morality, the demon showed that after possessing Dodge he had become fully aware of morals and good in the world, but chose to turn on his whole race and become a god to rule over humanity because he simply liked being evil.
  • Crazy Awesome: Scot Kavanaugh, in spite of his Non-Action Guy status.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Few and Far in between, although when they do come along they hit the right spot.
    Tyler: Everyone in French Club went to Paris. Six Weeks.
    Kinsey: So what? You're taking Spanish.
    Tyler: See how I can't catch a break?
    • Tyler can even make Deadpan Snarker quips while he's freaking out. While freaking out over seeing Bode use the Head Key for the first time:
    Tyler: His head is open! His head is open and completely empty!
    Tyler: <beat> Actually, that last part kind of makes sense.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: The ending of Crown Of Shadows chapter 2, "In The Cave", when the four new friends come together in a group hug. Awwww....
    • Also in Crown of Shadows, Tyler reading Bode a bedtime story. So sweet.
    • In Clockworks, a lot of the interaction between Rendell's friends, especially seeing what a great guy Dodge was and how sweet he was to Ellie. Crosses over into Tear Jerker territory when you remember how badly it all turns out.
    • The final moments of the comic, where Bode is resurrected, and Tyler summons back Rendell as an echo to say goodbye.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Dodge, both genders.
  • Genius Bonus: Back in 1988, Dodge wore his hair long and curly, which made him look an awful lot like an Amerighi da Caravaggio painting. Dodge's real name? Lucas Caravaggio.
  • Magnificent Bastard/Manipulative Bastard: Dodge.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Dodge, whether he's in the guise of a normal person or a grotesque skull-reflection. Sam also counts. Lampshaded in this interview with Joe Hill, who stated that for him, the key to writing horror was "....to push the limits psychologically...to bring the heroes, and the reader, into an uneasy, uncomfortable place, and force them to live there a while." Seems to be working pretty well.
  • Tear Jerker: several moments, but something about Rufus telling his mom "I just want the commander to know if she's ever tired of me, the team will move out at her command. Say the word," i.e. that he'll leave her if he's a burden to her, just seems to have that extra sense of tragedy.
    • Never mind Rufus Seeing his mother's corpse after Dodge murders her. when the cop tries to hold him back, Rufus just whispers "let go of me" before kissing Ellie's forehead one last time.
    • So much in Clockworks. Poor Ben and Miranda Locke's backstory is sad enough, but even worse is finding out what a stand-up guy Dodge used to be.
    • Jordan selflessly giving up her life to save Jamal and Kinsey.
    • Scot using the last of his strength to help the survivors in the black cave get to safety, before finally using the Alpha key to kill the parasite in Jackie's soul so they could die together as themselves.
      Scot: You all right, my love?
      Jackie: Yes. Much better. You saved me. My hero.
      Scot: All in a days work.
    • Tyler finally getting to take a ride on Jordan's motorcycle.
    • The ending of "Open the Moon" with Ian and Harlan being welcomed into the afterlife by the Locke family ancestors.
  • The Woobie: Ellie Whedon, The Locke kids, Nina....