Fridge / Locke & Key

Fridge Brilliance
  • In Clockworks #3 Kinsey is complaining about the water in the shower not being hot despite the boiler working fine. It's not because the boiler is broken but it's because Bode is trying to get help. Remember, ghosts are COLD, freezing cold that is first demonstrated when Bode himself becomes a ghost. He's doing the only thing he knows he can to try and tell his siblings that he's a ghost and the Bode walking around him isn't HIM
  • In volume 2, Kinsey describes Bode's memory of the Dark Lady/the Lady in the Well/the Echo/whatever as a 'cross-dressing vampirobitch.' Zack/Luke/whatever crossdresses, destroys the lives of those around him, and is generally a jerk. So Kinsey is being completely accurate here.

Fridge Horror
  • Consider what we learn in Clockworks from Duncan's perspective. Dodge was the Keeper of the Keys who was nicest to Duncan and, probably, the one who spent the most time indulging him and playing with him. Then Duncan follows the gang into the Drowning Cave, where he accidentally causes something strange happen to Dodge that horrifies the other teens. Dodge seems to be okay, but then he doesn't show up for a few weeks, until Duncan stumbles across him gloating over his unconscious girlfriend. Dodge hunts Duncan down with a knife, grabs him and chokes him. Duncan is unconscious after that, so he either passed out or was put to sleep with the Head Key. When he wakes up, Dodge, Kim, and Mark are dead, Erin is insane, and Ellie is broken. Very shortly after, Rendell forgets the Keys entirely and can't understand what happened to his friends. But Duncan is only nine and we never see anyone use the Head Key to take out his memories. He had nine more years to think about what happened, with no one to talk to about it, and wonder what really happened and how much of it was really his fault.
  • If those are the Thousand Young of Shub-Niggurath that means Big Mama is out there somewhere...