YMMV / Little Howard's Big Question

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Little Albert wants to destroy his twin because he wants to be unique again.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The "I love monkeys" sequences
  • Fridge Horror: If Big Howard's mum and MOTHER hadn't realized something was wrong, Little Howard would still be trapped in that cage. He doesn't need to eat or drink, and could potentially be immortal, so he would be stuck forever, until someone freed him. Also, Little Albert's plans with Big Howard's sketchpad (the one that created him and Little Howard) were to control all of creation and rule the world. Just imagine, if he drew you or one of your loved ones being maimed or killed, then that person will die violently, or be in permanent agony for the rest of their (very short) lives.
  • Villain Decay: Little Albert gets the reverse of this.