YMMV / Lineage 2

  • Anti-Climax Boss - By the time you've chased him across an entire quest chain, the final mission to take down Sakum is almost disgustingly quick and easy.
  • Camp Gay - Male Kamael. Flaming even when they say hello. Also, Male Elves, especially with certain hairstyle sets and colors.
  • Crack Is Cheaper - Vitality items. They're rare in actual gameplay, they can most easily be bought from the cash store, having a full vitality bar incurs double XP, and vitality goes down in about an hour or two and only replenishes once a week. You'll be spending a lot on vitality scrolls and pots if you want to level at a decent rate.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - The 'outro' theme, After The Storm, Arguably, most of Lineage II's music can fit this, especially a number of their battle themes.
  • Ear Worm - Say you don't hum after the Dion theme an hour after playing.
  • Evil Is Sexy - Female Dark Elves, monsters such as the succubus. Possibly the Kamael as well.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff - Brazilians love Lineage II.
  • Goddamned Bats: Lots of examples - the game tends to throw some groups of monsters together in groups, such as the Snipes and their Cohorts and the Ketra Commanders and their Royal Guards. There are also literal Goddamned Bats that tend to hang around various chock-full-of-undead zones, but they tend to be fairly squishy.
  • Nerf - To drop rates, actually. It was already a challenge to get anything to drop from mobs. Now it's even harder, with even Adena drops reduced to less than 100 gold in some situations, apparently to deter botters from farming gold. Take one guess as to how successful it's been.
  • The Scrappy - The whole Kamael race.
  • Scrappy Mechanic - "Maguen appearance!" The Seed of Annihilation Nursery instance expects you to collect a large number of quest blingies off of mobs, but every time you kill one, you run the chance of Maguen showing up to steal some of your items. Theoretically you can target him and hit him with anything and he'll drop the quest blingies - but good luck trying to target him. Even with a macro set up just for whacking him, you'll miss half the time.