YMMV / Legacy Of Heroes

  • Junk Rare: Torrent, who ups the damage of a subtype of ally cards. There are three the player can obtain(including himself), and the other two are underwhelming.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: It's impossible to get the entire story out of the one-player story mode. This is especially apparent around issue 10:
    • Issue 9 ends with Zeroth depowered, and The Schism materialized and on the verge of destroying the world. Things seem to be gearing up for a climactic battle... but it never happens, and issue 10 starts with you and the Drama Club trying to jog Zeroth's memories with no hint of impending doom or even urgency.
    • Issue 10 itself ends with the reveal that the mercenary attacks you've been fending off for most of the issue were called by a villain named Ms. Modulus, who has captured Zeroth and is holding him in her lair, and Quickhit begging you to save him. However, issue 11 starts with Zeroth already free (and getting the hang of his powers again) and makes no mention of Ms. Modulus.
    • This is somewhat averted by the flavor text of certain cards containing snippets of related scenes, and one could draw the general idea of what happened from reading those cards. However, this opens up a new can of worms, as it's possible to get cards detailing plot events long before actually reaching the relevant point in the story.