YMMV / Leeroy Jenkins Video

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Was Leeroy an idiot who represented the cherry on top of PALS FOR LIFE's general incompetence? Or was he an unsung hero whose actions destroyed the guild's overtly serious, militaristic, and statistical plan?
  • Broken Base: Some fans argue that the video makes a mockery of excessive planning and seriousness in the game while others think that it's a prime example of why planning is needed.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Leeroy Jenkins" has become a noun, a verb, and is used by other characters similar to the archetype.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Really you're not supposed to root for either side here; Leeroy got his friends killed by being an idiot but the group was just as incompetent (as noted on the main page, their plan would've gotten them killed anyways) and took the game too seriously. Some people don't pick up on this and think that the video is mocking one side (as seen above).
  • Rewatch Bonus: Listen carefully and you can actually hear one of them cracks a chuckle while saying "Stick to the plan, chums!" Since the video is staged (regardless it's based on true incident or not), it makes sense why he chuckled.