Funny / Leeroy Jenkins Video

  • The moment of silence before the others react to Leeroy's charge. Then the reaction itself; "Oh my God, he just ran in."
    • And then the madness that promptly ensued.
  • Seriously, who hollers their own name when going into battle?
  • That they were only doing the Rookery for Leeroy in the first place!
    Jamaal: OK guys, these eggs have given us a lot of trouble in the past. Uh, does anybody need anything off this guy or can we bypass him?
    Ritter: Uhh, I think Leeroy needs something from this guy.
    Jamaal: Oh, does he need those Devout Shoulders? Doesn't - isn't he a paladin?
    Ritter: Yeah, but that will help him heal better, he'll have more mana.
    Jamaal: [sighs] Christ...\\