YMMV: La Piel Que Habito

  • Adaptation Displacement: How many people know the book the movie is based on?
  • Bizarro Episode: the arrival of the man in a tiger costume, aka Zeca, looks like it is one, but actually manages to start the plot.
  • Fetish Fuel: Forced sex change surgery, sexual assault in a furry tiger costume, lots of bondage and domination, the scene with the dilators...
  • Narm: Norma's looks of wide-eyed confusion when Vicente paws at her while they're still both fully dressed and standing up in the garden are cartoony to the point of of hilarity.
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Paranoia Fuel: You'll surely be worried about what could a plastic surgeon do to you while you're under anesthesia.
  • Tearjerker: Vicente discovering yoga. Specifically, the TV instructor's assurance that "There's a place where you can take refuge. A place inside you...a place to which no one else has access. A place that no one can destroy." Also the scene where he comes across a picture of himself before his kidnapping, kisses it, and runs his fingers down it.
  • The Woobie: Poor Norma.
    • Vicente has his moments.