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YMMV: Kindred of the East
  • Narm: Torpor (the comatose state when Vampires lose all health points but haven't suffered Final Death) is known as "The Little Death" in this game. "The little death" has long been a euphemism for orgasm.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The entirety of East and Southeast Asia is turned into a single cultural entity known as "The Middle Kingdom". Fans claim this is Artistic License rather than the authors being ignorant and insensitive.
    • The Artistic License is that the "Middle Kingdom" rhetoric comes portrayed as pure wishful thinking on the parts of the kuei-jin themselves, much like how they decided on their name. Despite the Way of Origin stating that all kuei-jin are in the same circumstances, the book makes no secret that the Chinese, Japanese, and various Southeast Asian courts are quite different and either just barely or not at all on speaking terms with each other (the Korean vampires are, as well, but they get along with all the other courts to the point that Korea is considered diplomatic neutral ground).
    • The Masquerade isn't enforced as much in East Asia because the book claims Asians are more superstitious and believing than Occidentals.
    • Indonesia is treated as some kind of archipelago-based Darkest Africa. (This is probably how the continental Kuei-Jin views Indonesia, anyway.)

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