YMMV / Kid Klown In Crazy Chase

  • Contested Sequel: The Game Boy Advance remake is generally considered weaker than the SNES version, with inferior sound quality as well and some odd changes, like the changing of several sound effects, changing Blackjack's name to "Dirty Joe", and the dialogue isn't as funny or charming as the SNES version.
  • Growing the Beard: The first Kid Klown game on NES was just a decent (if not generic) platformer (A Dolled-Up Installment of a Mickey Mouse game no less), but this game was where the character was reinvented and pretty much became his own thing.
  • Mission-Pack Sequel: The Japan-Only Playstation sequel, is pretty much the exact same game as this one with a slightly different plot, and the addition of some anime cutscenes.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The ghost in Stage 5. He's an Advancing Boss of Doom Implacable Man (as if the Race Against the Clock against the fuse wasn't enough), his Supernatural Gold Eyes lack any semblance of comedy whatsoever, and if he catches you he gives you a Lecherous Licking that paralyzes you for several seconds (and Kid's Blue with Shock animation during it doesn't help one bit).
    • Stage 5's music as well.