YMMV: Kara no Kyoukai

General series tropes:

  • Alternate Continuity - The entry for this trope on the main page has and can be interpreted in several ways: some say Nasu means that 'the chances are just infitismally low', while others interpret it as in 'it's impossible.'
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment - The stop-motion bit imploring viewers to not smoke/make noise/pirate the film/have their phones turned on. It's... er, weird, to say the least.
    • They mostly revolve around Type Moon fandom in-jokes and references to similarly surreal sections in other Type Moon works. For example, the yellow-and-green mushroom is Kinoko Nasu's avatar. Other non-KnK characters include super-deformed versions of Fate/Stay Night characters as well as Neko-Arc (who is super-deformed already). The stop-motion for the last movie pans out to show the figures of several other popular Type-Moon characters in the audience (Sacchin's on the bottom-right)
    • But hey, its very, very cute.
  • Crack Is Cheaper: US releases have always been limited and for absurd amounts of money (including the Blu-Ray boxset that now goes for over $1,000 new.)
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - We love you, Yuki Kajiura.
  • Moe
    Smoking is prohibited. ♥ Don't burn, be Moe! note 
  • The Woobie - Fujino.
    • Tomoe, too, if only once heads or tails are made of the situation.

Movie One

Movie Two

Movie Three

Movie Four

  • Crowning Music of Awesome - There's a reason they used the instrumental version of Kalafina's ARIA instead of Shiki's normal asspwnery music here.

Movie Five

  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Track 22 of the soundtrack beautifully fits into this category.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight - The opening scene has Tomoe Enjou being chased by beaten up by one of his bullies from school. Watching it becomes oddly funny after playing Fate/stay night because Enjou is the character model for Shirou and the guy doing the beating has dark skin and white hair like Archer.
  • Moral Event Horizon - Cornelius Alba was never an especially sympathetic character, but after he starts parading Touko's head around like a trophy, then torments Mikiya with it and then starts beating an unconscious Mikiya's head into the wall he has to die.
    • Ironically, it's him calling Touko "Dirty Red" that gets him killed. And he wasn't exactly expecting her to come back in an identical clone body, either...
  • Squick - Right about the time we get a close up of Tomoe shoving his thumb through a guy's eye... and then it just keeps going further...
  • The Woobie - Tomoe Enjou. Araya even mentions that his origin is worthlessness. This includes the fact that he was NOT responsible for awakening Shiki, she merely awoke at that time. His Heroic Sacrifice was a Senseless Sacrifice. The sword might have helped, though.
    • "Enjou didn't need to come here, but he will be the reason for your destruction."

Movie Six

  • Crowning Moment of Funny - When Azaka-chan uses an adorable Super-Deformed Shiki-plushie as an "effigy" for "target practice" with her magical fire.
    • "Don't burn. Be Moe!!"
    • Azaka attempting to sock Shiki in the face, played completely for laughs. "Paanchi!"
  • Les Yay - Between Azaka and Shiki, at least in the movie. Most notably when Azaka pins Shiki to the bed and straddles her while trying to take away a knife.

Movie Seven