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YMMV: Kamen Rider Black RX
  • Awesome Music: 11 Rider Dai-senka. A love letter to all things Rider (at the time) lasting over 8 minutes. By Ichiro Mizuki.
    • The opening theme. Takayuki Miyauchi's voice is powerful.
  • Never Live It Down: Even though Shadow Moon eventually did a Heel-Face Turn here, he's usually remembered as a "Kickass Kamen Rider villain", thus he usually gets villain roles in other works featuring Black and RX.
    • To the point that, in the first Kamen Rider Decade movie, an alternate Shadow Moon is the Big Bad, and it takes a mass Rider Kick performed by every title Rider from the original through Decade to finish him off.
  • Values Dissonance: Episode 13 is going to make public viewings a little awkward, with naked Hitomi (who's like six) and her dad in the bath.

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