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  • Broken Base: Endless debates as to whether or not everything after their reunion (Attak-onward) is good. This is often also referred to as "post-En Esch".
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Pretty much all of their self parodying songs have at least one.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Naive", "Juke Joint Jezebel", "A Drug Against War", "Megalomaniac" and "Anarchy" are particularly anthemic and awesome.
    • "Superpower", "Looking for Strange", "Glory", "D.I.Y.", "Day of Light", "Revolution" and "Godlike" are also pretty epic tracks
    • Xtort is a particularly anthemic album. It must be heard to be truly appreciated
    • Nihil, WWIII, and Hau Ruck
    • Their covers of "Los Ninos del Parque" and "Mini Mini Mini" are really badass tracks.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Their self-parodying songs, especially "Sucks"
    • The warning label on the side of the KMFDM pill bottle.
    • In an Interview on 120 Minutes, they mention one time where they used 24 vacuum cleaners and two washing machines as instruments at 0:40. {{}}
    • One of the phone messages on "Superpower" is a man saying "KMFDM makes me feel like a real woman"
  • Dork Age: MDFMK refused to play KMFDM songs, which led to an outcry by fans. The band reformed under their original name and returned to playing their back catalog.
  • Epic Riff: Gunter Shultz and Jules Hodgson Seem to be good at making these. i.e. "A Drug Against War", "Megalomaniac", "WWIII", "Inane", Their "Mini Mini Mini" cover, etc.
    • The opening bass riff for "Superpower"
    • The Slayer sample on "Godlike"
    • The Drum Programming riff on "Terror"
    • "Anarchy" Made up entirely of Epic Riffs
    • Pretty much every song on Xtort
  • Face of the Band: Sascha counts as this trope.
    • Not just Sascha. Mention En Esch in a music conversation and if they're familiar with him, you'll get: "Wasn't he in KMFDM?". Mention Tim Skold, and you'll most likely get: "Wasn't he in Marilyn Manson's band?" "No, he was in KMFDM too." "...Who the hell is that?"
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Adventure Time fans may get a kick out of the use of a balloon as an instrument on "Rebels in Kontrol" especially since WTF?! was released only a few months before "Marceline's Closet"
  • Music to Invade Poland to: Accused of this in relation to the Columbine Massacre, despite the fact that the band is strongly against National Socialism. Unfortunately, their more tongue-in-cheek songs gained some Misaimed Fandom.
  • Nightmare Fuel: "The Unrestrained Use Of Excessive Force". It's pretty easy if you listen to a lot of old-school industrial...
    • "Stars & Stripes", It's about the U.S. President becoming a totalitarian
    • The lyrics of "Revolution" do a very good job at creating a feeling of paranoia
    • "Anarchy" is about a violent revolution that replaces an authoritarian only for the revolutionaries to become just like him.
    • The singing voices of Raymond Watts and En Esch might come off as creepy to some.
    • "Death and Burial of C.R." Take an already morbid and creepifyin' nursery rhyme and set it to some of the creepiest music and vocals ever recorded. Brrr.
  • Tear Jerker: "Move On", "Today", "Lied Und Elend"

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