YMMV / Just a Pilgrim

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The guy who got tentacle-raped and inflated until he looked like Violet after she ate a certain piece of gum. His first words after being turned into a ball-man is, "I don't believe this. I just do not believe this. I know it's a dream, and I know I'm going to wake up any minute now." Say that out loud in a bewildered voice, and you'll see what I mean.
    • Also the four-panel page depicting the Pilgrim and his squad's predicament as they're marooned on the lifeboat. On the first panel there is four of them, and on each succeeding panel there is one less, with the dialogue becoming increasingly bizarre. On the last panel there is only the Pilgrim. His one word? "BURP!"
  • Squick: The initiation to the Bucker crew. Luckily we're only told, not shown.
    • And even what we're told is a lot to take in, apparently invoving having sex with a billy goat... after the rest of the crew has had their way with it.