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YMMV: Jungle Goddess

  • Fridge Horror: When you think about the events after the movie's over. Mike & Greta not only have the reward money but they also have a found uranium mine right where the Zambizis live. To anyone who knows anything about "Blood Diamonds" you'll know what the situation will be for tribe. Let's just say that poor Wanana, Greta's "BFF" is gonna have a knife in her back the size of LRA militiaman's machete! Some girlfriend, that Greta!
  • Special Effects Failure: The binocular views from the plane, showing wildlife at ground-level. The airplane with not only changes model but you can see the string. The jungle set that looks like a garden center at Walmart. The cheesy stock-footage shots of animals, including those not native to Africa.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Apart from the whole "worship white people" thing, there's the matter of dark-haired Bob being the Ax-Crazy villain; both Mike and Greta are fair-haired, and are presented as unabashedly pure.
    • As shown in the 'My White Goddess' sketch at the end of the MST3K presentation, Greta looks to be just another housewife, subservient to Mike.

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